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About Elite Pro Service

Elite’s Pro Service is one of the best 20 group processes ever conceived, and is specifically designed to provide shop owners with the tools to succeed in their businesses and achieve more in their lives. Pro Service engages with automotive professionals to provide the next generation of solutions to help solve real business challenges and analyze business performance with real-time data. Membership includes one-on-one coaching, onsite shop reviews, online meetings, collaboration with industry peers, problem solving, brainstorming, training, networking, and virtually 24/7 support. We’re here to inspire, engage, support, and help you navigate your way to a brighter business future! Are you ready? If so, contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Pro Service Benefits

  • 90 successful, business savvy shop owners working together to boost business performance

  • A nationally recognized business coach with over 20 years of coaching experience and over 40 years spent in the Automotive industry

  • Comprehensive host shop meetings performed twice a year, including onsite shop visits, collaboration and training to provide immediate solutions to current issues

  • Yearly Pro Service Conference with training from outside the industry addressing leadership, marketing, employee retention and acquisition, succession planning and more!

  • Regular online meetings to keep you tuned up

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Information-rich financial Dashboard with charting, trending and analytics to benchmark performance

  • Vast library of information resources developed for owners, managers, service advisors and technical staff

  • Support 24/7

What Makes Pro Service So Extraordinary?

Pro Service is more than a “20 Group” process; it is a community. Colleagues in Pro Service develop lifelong friendships. The inception of Pro Service was in January 2008, and 54 of the 90 current Colleagues are still from the original group. Most of those business owners have been working with Coach Jim Murphy since he started coaching. It is truly a brotherhood! There have been several occasions where a Colleague was in trouble with their business, and other Colleagues would “jump on a plane” to help them in any way they could. Pro Service is a caring culture that you will not find in any other coaching program or peer group. It is worth your time to learn more.

The Kind Things our Pro Service Colleagues Say

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